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Maintentance eating due to no cash

Hi guys, I am getting married and have very little extra cash to spend on MRP’s or even enough food to eat 6 times a day…I can get a jug of Whey protein for 30 and a jug of dextrose powder for 11 bucks which will last me about 3 weeks or so…how can I get in enough to at least maintain or get leaner without losing muscle…I weigh about 177 at 5’9" right now so adding muscle isn’t a priority but keeping it is.

Hi, Eric. Keep it simple and save your money. Forget the MRPs and protein powder for the time being. Take real food (the kind you chew) protein with you for snacks. It doesn’t get any cheaper than cans of tuna (don’t forget the can opener), boiled eggs and chicken breasts in a Zip-Lock bag. On the plus side, not only will you save money, you’ll be in great shape for the honeymoon! (grin)

Good luck to you, and things will get better!

Great thanks Tampa-Terry…I will follow that, I have found some good deals on MRP’s but I will do the Tuna, eggs, and chicken breats instead since that seems to be the good cheap way…

I’m going to go ahead and plug my article in last September’s update at www.johnberardi.com. It’s entitled “Budgeting for Bodybuilders” and shoudl give you some good ideas on where to start. Good luck, and congratulations on the wedding!

Another great source of readily available protein is cottage cheese at your local deli! It’s good to mix the protein sources up.

Thanks Eric, that article was helpful, I will try the tips that were stated in the article.