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Maintenence during EDT specialization

To anyone who has done the EDT arms specialization:

How did you organize your training split and what protocol was used for chest and back? Should I be avoiding exercises such as presses, chins, and rows?

Here’s what I’m doing:

Day 1 Power Look Trap workout plus calves.

Day 2 EDT Arms “Day 1” plus come glute-ham raises.

Day 3 Off.

Day 4 Squats, Front squats, Bench press, Flyes. 2 work sets of each exercise, about 5-6 reps, as heavy as possible.

Day 5 EDT Arms “Day 2” plus abs.
Day 6 Off.


Arms have been growing and everything else has been maintaining (size/strength) without any problems. Hope this helps.

Thanks! That helped my game plan out quite a bit.

Not a problem. I agree that coming up with a maintenacne program to go with EDT Arms requires more thought than it might seem to at first glance. But as long as you have your pressing movements before the arm workouts, I think you’re okay.

Just as an additional note, the second phase of EDT calls for supinated pull-ups, so that should fit in well after the power look stuff for a month.

Mon. EDT Arms
Tues - Light EDT type training for chest and back
Wed. - off
Thrus - light edt training for hams and quads
Fri. - EDT arms.
Slightly hypocoloric diet, after 5 weeks I put on a solid inch on my arms, more than I have in the past year. You’ll love the results, and make sure you use the post ice message.