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I have been reading some of Ian King’s articles on biceps/tricep training. These look great, but i was just wondering what sort exercises need to be conducted to “,aintain” other muscles. I am relatively new at this (been training for 2 years) so i apologise if this is a stupid question.


You say you are relatively new to weight training? Then, have you read the “Beginners Blast Off Program”? You can start there. However, what I would do is use the search engine here on T-Mag. Your search word might be “back” for instance. See what type of articles appear for your reading enjoyment. Another thing on maintaining the muscle? Is diet. I hope you are also aware of this.

compound exercises. stick with a few heavy sets of squats/deadlifts for lower body day. you could also do a couple of sets of leg curls/extensions if you want. then for upper body day i would do bent over barbell rows, pullups, wide grip bench to upper chest, and overhead shoulder presss. put your upper body day on wednesday assuming you do great guns on monday and friday. stick in the lower rep range for all exercises.