Maintenance Workout Suggestions

Hey Everyone:
I’m looking for suggestions on a maintenance type workout. I know most people are usually looking for strength or size type improvement and that is usually my case too. However, I’ve come to a point where I can’t make weight training a 24 hour consideration. I want to be strong, lean, and in shape, but I don’t want every waking moment to have to be focused on it. I have other interest that need some quality time. Mostly, martial arts training is a focus right now and will be for the forseeable future. This will take place 7 days a week and will be mostly aerobic type workouts from anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours and sometimes twice a day.
With that in mind, I want a workout that I could probably do 3 days a week and allows me to focus on strength, maintaining size, staying lean, and maintaining fitness levels. I am considering Chad Waterbury’s Total Triple Training. His article suggested trying it for 6 weeks. Would this also be something that might be used for a longer time period if I switched up the exercises and took a few off weeks? Does anyone think there is a better workout around or have they tried something they think is great? Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.

Hello Freakme,

Please excuse in advance my english since It is not my hometown language.
First I have been involve with too many goals myself namely gain endurance, strength, power etc. Maybe the only way of doing that is by allowing you to recover. Twice a day cardio all the time…Might be better if you put a bullet in your head now, It would be less painful. But don’t get me wrong with that you simply lack of some planning let me give you my view as an example:
Sunday:Complete rest
Monday:Heavy day where you work on maximal strength for one/two major lift be deadlift, bench, pull up or squat depending on your weakness

Tuesday:Stretch+interval sprint if bench or pull up was done monday or jumping rope if it was the others

Wednesday: Working on endurance pattern with few set similar to Chad but rotate your muscles/mouvement also cardio at the end 20-30min 65%

Thursday:Stretch+interval sprint if squat or deadlift was done monday or jumping rope if it was the others.

Friday: Work on dynamic strength but not with the same bodypart as the two other day. I know bodypart one times a week seem nasty but if you don’t recover well then NO FUCKING RESULTS!! You maybe don’t use the drugs westside men do so reduce the volume for example here:

Box squat: 5255% then little abs work 1-2 sets of 2-3 exercices then you OUT OF THE GYM!!!

Saturday:Work on interval too but avoid friday/monday pattern exercises jumping jack may be good here as you can do that at home.

10 hours of sleep every night and give me feedback even if you think my advice is full of shit

freakme, I’ve just completed ABBH and ABBH2 while on maitenance but neither sports nor cardio at the same time. You could experiment TTT,ABBH,ABBH2 as a sequence and see what happens.
Have a good time !

Total Triple Training will be a good program for six weeks, but I wouldn’t do it longer than that. You could follow it up with ABBH and still work out three days a week and less than 45 minutes each time. Then you could do ABBH2 and one of Chad’s other programs, or you could even use Westside for Skinny Bastards. Joe DeFranco wrote a WSSB program for those with limited time in his Q&A section on his web site as well.