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Maintenance with Endomorph Genetics


How does this look for a maintenance diet?
would you say the carbs are to high for some one with endomorph genteics?



"endomorph genetics"



What the fuck are "endomorph" genetics?

Are those the same as "sit on the couch and play video games while eating corn chips for 6 hours a day until you have to roll off it" genetics?


I think so.

I hate these pre emptive excuses people always seem to throw out lately.


Carb Sesitive then, im 8% body fat alot of cardio & 181pounds, i asked a simple question


Yes, you did ask a simple question while giving info that contradicts it.

But that's right...the rest of us must be idiots.

You are 8% body fat. exactly what makes you think you need a specialized diet and what exactly are you dieting down to?

Are you getting ready for a competition?



You say you are an endomorph and carb sensitive and yet you seem to have a low fat/moderate carb approach.



Becauseeee Oprah says fattening foods are fattening


Good lord add some fats please.


Oh my, that worked so well for her!


So, here is my master plan.

First, learn to cook.

Your diet is disgusting.

Then, ditch the oatmeal and brown rice and up the fatty acids, egg yolks are your friend.

If you want to pig out on brown rice, do it either in the morning, or still better after training.

Vegetables are a whole food group that consists of more than broccoli. Believe it or not, you can add them to rice, especially after frying them just a little bit in yummi saturated fats.

Up your calories to at least 3000 on non training days, more on training days, add real food instead of proteing powder in part because of yummy fatty acids.

Fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, nuts, salad, go for it.

If you must have supplements, I hear fishoil has some advantages and a PWO drink is probably a good idea too.

Incidentally, they seem to sell them right at this here site!

Did I mention that your diet is depressing and that you should learn how to cook?

See the link for further reference on how to combine rice with vegetables if you absolutely must do it:


Might as well enjoy your onsetting diabetes.


Low fat, high carbohydrate is NOT a bad approach for ALL people. There have been quite a few champs who've done just fine with that approach (eg, Dorian Yates, Mike Francois, most of Chris Aceto's clients).

If the guy can put up with that boring diet and it's providing what he needs, then fine. But I doubt he knows what he needs because of his post. If he was confident in having his shit together, he wouldn't post.

OP, you just asked us if that diet is good for maintenance? Here's the answer: If you're maintaining your weight on the diet, it's good.

How's that?

I sometimes can't believe why some people ask if things are "good". Like, "Is this good for gaining mass?" What is good is something that delivers a desired result.

Is a diet good for cutting? Uh yeah, if you're getting cut from it!

Questions like these are NOT bad. After all, they're harmless. But they do show people's lack of confidence and hesitance in trying something before someoen else approves of it. Again, not totally bad considering no one wants to invest time in something that stinks. But there does come a point where you just gotta dive into shit. And this doesn't just pertain to lifting!


OP: Even if you do well on low fat (<15% of kcals), I do agree with some on here in consuming some fish or flaxseed oil for EFA's.


"Endomorph genetics" might not be the best term to use, but I know what the OP is getting at. I have two friends who are enormous men--albeit a bit chubby--and remain enormous men even when intake isn't high. Strong as hell too. Since a very young age, they were very strong, and have very easy times gaining weight (fat and muscle) and strength. Both played college football and are very athletic. They are endomorphs and never had sitting on a couch and munching bags of potato chips making up much of their livelihood, just as most ectomorphs don't make their livelihood overworking themselves and voluntarily starving themselves.

I am surprised that someone with endormorph genetics can get down to 8% bodyfat with a high carb, low fat diet.

Orion: What makes this guy a candidate for diabetes?

He's using protein powder as a protein source for three out of six meals. This is not unheard of, even amongst champs.

We don't know if he'll benefit or maintain his weight if he increases calories.


His ginormous CH intake :-)!


No, his lack of cooking skills is completely unacceptable.


Hell, it pertains to every damn thing in life that you want to excel in. You don't win shit by waiting for someone to hand you everything. If you want to get big and see how much food you can get away with, guess what? You will HAVE to push that limit in order to see what is "too much" so you know from then on when to pull back. No one can tell you this.


These terms mean nothing if this is how you plan to use them.

This guy doesn't sound like an "endomorph" at all and the term itself means how your body responds. It does NOT mean what someone looks like with no training at all on a random average diet.


Orion: 250 grams of carbs is not excessive with his caloric intake. It comes out to 40% of his diet. Some people have had success with diets up to 60%. Actually, many endurance athletes consume up to 70% carbs. Most of the bad shit associated with high carbohydrate diets is found in sedentary folks. (Not mentioning this to argue as I have no intentions to. Nutrition's my profession, so I get into this stuff.)


Alright, that's fine. My interpretation (could be wrong) is that somatotypes apply to people's INHERENT physical dispositions. Which is why I wrote about my surprise. Most endomorphs (for lack of a better word because I'm not so fond of these terms myself) do better with a higher fat and pro intake and less carbs.