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Maintenance Training


Once you have built the muscle you were after or will be unable to train as you were how much training has to be done to maintain what you have built? I have read that training volume can be cut back as much as 50% do not know how much truth there is in that.


never too big and lean bro !!


It is dependant on training intensity. The harder you train the more you can cut back on volume and still maintain. Furthermore some people can maintain with a drastic volume cut, while others will need to maintain up to 80% of their previous volume,


Isn’t “maintenance training” essentially giving up? I never understood that one.


To some extent I believe that everybody should strive to improve something to some extent. But not everybody wants to continue adding more muscle and more size past a certain point. When you reach a size and strength level that satisfies you, you should simply look for another area of improvement


the point is : can we really be satisfies ? we are never too strong, too big or too lean u know that lol