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Maintenance/Strength Phase Program Question

Hi Jim!

Im a guy training for mainly size and aesthetics.

This is my seventh year in the Iron game so considering myself as a Advanced lifter.

My training programming looks like this:

  • Mass Gain Phase: Energy Surplus + Hypertrophy training until i reach 15% body fat

  • Maintenance/Transition Phase: Energy Maintenance + Strength training

  • Cut: From 15 % until i reach 8-10% body fat

So my question is what program of yours do you recommend me buying for my upcoming Maintenance/Transition Phase?


This is probably the wrong forum to ask this kind of question. I think that the majority of people following Jim Wendlers work is interested in performance not aesthetics… or at least that’s my interest… maybe I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Its a Strength Phase so the programming question is for Strength, not aesthetics :slight_smile: interested in 5/3/1 training for this phase but not sure what book or program to read more about from Jim.

I guess I misunderstood this statement then?

And this question? :wink:

To answer your question: You’ll be fine with either BBS or BBB. Buy the Forever 5/3/1 book, it leaves you with hundreds of options.


I have very little experience on specifically training for size or aesthetics. Generally, all my experience is training for specific performance goals. You probably would be better off asking this same question to someone who is a competitive bodybuilder; i.e. someone who has some stake in the game.

Good luck!