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Maintenance Schedule


Hi everyone,

I have a question about training during football/basketball season. I'm about to start playing football on Sundays and Thursdays and basketball on Mondays. I've read on here about lifting on the day after the game to maintain muscle is this true?

Currently, I lift 4 days a week on a push/pull routine. Monday/Tuesday then Thursday/Friday. Below I've listed a new routine that I was thinking of doing during the sports season.

front squats 5x5
RDL 5x5
decline bench 5x5
t-bar row 5x5
lunges 3x15
rotator cuff rehab

back squats 5x3
deadlift 5x3
flat bench 5x5
seated row 3x10
pullups 4 sets to failure
dips 4 sets to failure

Is this too demanding on the body/CNS with the games on Sunday, Monday, Thursday?

Thanks for any tips or advice.



Hard to give a general answer since everyone reacts different and has different levels of GPP, but i think its pretty safe to say that you won't overstress your Body with lifting 2x/week and playing on 3 days.


WS4SB3....has an "in-season" training template. Go read it on DeFranco's website or EliteFTS.


Go easy the first couple of weeks until you're sure your conditioning is good enough and you'll probably be OK.