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Maintenance Routine

I’m going to be starting a running program in the next few weeks. It consists of 3 days/week of walking and jogging for no more than 30 minutes. The running program will last for 6 weeks. Can anyone suggest a 2 day/week maintenance lifting routine to help minimize muscle loss during those 6 weeks? Note, I will keeping my calories up, as this will not be for weight loss.

I’ve looked into the Holiday routine posted here on T-Nation. Any thoughts?

Day 1 : 5x3 @5RM - 60s RI’s
A1 - back squats
A2 - pull-ups
B1 - GHR’s or Hypers
B2 - dips

Day 2 : 3x5 @7RM - 60s RI’s
A1 - split squats
A2 - bench presses
B1 - RDL
B2 - BB rows

Your running program doesn’t look that hard, just make sure you sleep well and eat enough, this little program will maintain and maybe even up your strength, while keeping your size.

Thank you for the suggestion.