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Maintenance Routine


So I am thinking about doing the Great Guns in Twelve Weeks routine and see how well that works for me. It says I can/should do maintenance workouts for the other muscles while on this. I was just wondering what other people who have done while on this specialized arm routine.

I just got done with the Skinny Bastards workout after about 5 months of it and enjoyed it every time and got a lot out of it but want to take a break from that before I go back on it.

Has anyone ever tried to do both routines at the same time or would that be to much to get sufficient recovery time in between workouts? Alrighty well I look forwards to some responses.


I recall Thibaudeau saying that when specializing on a body part you should reduce volume on others, like 1-2 exercises, 4-5 sets of 4-6 reps, hitting each muscle group once a week. Split could look like: chest-back-shoulders on one day, quads-hams-calves on another day.