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Maintenance Program?


I am really trying to bring my bench press numbers up, and was going to work on doing them 3 times a week and I want to do very little squat work to stay fresh for my benching, but I want to still stay strong in the squat. Is there a maintenance program like some rep scheme I can do so I can do as little squat/leg work as possible but not lose much strength in this area? Thanks for any help.


Instead of doing more work for the bench, why don't you just do smarter work? Find and attack the weaknesses.


Well I am going to do heavy bench one day, explosive work another, and work my weak links another. Is the any kind of maintenance program or rep scheme I can do to keep my squat up to par or at least close.


What is your sticking point in the bench?


I agree... Bench Smarter

if you're really intent on benching 3x a week (unnecessary and can incur injury)

Just work up to 3x3 (Heavy) and next squat workout do 5x3 light but FAST, hell I"d do jump squats with about 30% of your 1rm

2x a week, just 1-2 exercises for that movement would be perfect.

Your squat Hell probably would improve


How about some stats as well? What's the weakness in the bench, etc. If you are an athlete of any sort, you definately do not want to neglect squat for bench. Also, squatting will not kill your bench workouts.


Nobody ever believes me until they see, but here it goes. These are raw numbers. I'm not showing off, cause I know there is alot more stronger people than me it's just people always tell me YEAH RIGHT!! I weigh 145. I just recently benched 235lbs 8 times and have ONCE squated 365lbs 6 times, but on the last 2 reps of the squat I don't believe I went all the way down like your suppose too.

The thing is, is when I do squats(all I do is one set after the warm up sets) my legs are wore out for like 3-4 days, and I think it is wearing me out to the point that my bench gets worse. Because I did squats the other day and haven't done squats in quite a while and when I went to do my bench a few days later I was noticable weaker.


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