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maintenance program

Looking for some feedback on my maintenance program. For various reasons I’ve had to cut back from 4 days a week in the gym to 2 days a week.

I’m a long-distance trail runner and unrepentant skinny bastard. I’m coming off of about 6 months of heavy upper body training that resulted in many new PRs. My core exercises have been weighted chins, weighted dips, hang cleans, push press, and RDLs. Obviously I’m looking for strength, not mass. I run 30-40 miles per week, much of it on very hilly trails. At home I have some cheap plate-loaded DBs, a pull-up bar, and a Swiss ball.

This is what I’ve come up with for a maintenance program. I suspect I may draw some criticism about overtraining, but note that I pretty much never lift to failure and I don’t exhibit any classic signs of overtraining, even when my volume was higher than this.

–running-oriented plyometric leg workout, at home. Sets vary based on length of weekend runs.
DB walking lunge up & down a hill
30 sec skipping intervals uphill, holding DBs
30 sec bounding intervals uphill
split jump
box jump

Monday & Thursday – gym workout
warm up with rotator cuff & easy cable pull-throughs
4-8 sets hang power snatch, easy, 3-6 reps
3-4 sets hang power clean & push press, 3-5 reps
3 sets push press, 2-4 reps
2-3 sets split jerk, 2-4 reps
6-8 sets weighted dips, 6-8 reps

Tuesday & Friday – home workout
chins & weighted chins, sets & reps according to feel
misc abs

The main things I see missing are low back/hamstring work, rowing, and a horizontal pushing motion, but I don’t know if I need those in a maintenance program or not.