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maintenance program

what’s up ladies and gents, quick question…i’m specializing on arms for the next month and was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a maintenance program for the rest of my body (#of exercises, sets, frequency)

What, uh, exactly is the nature of this isolation? how often you train? how often you plannin on hittin arms? what’s the rep/set scheme you workin with? why the hell you isolating arms?
based on the info I have I would rec. waterbury’s upper/lower split and heavy. try: 1-2 warm-up; 1 ex 6 fer 4 or 5. Don’t bullshit around though, make em workin sets with primary mass builders. hit that shit twice a week and kill the arms when you’re fresh.

There’s one posted in a previous issue of T-mag. You should look it up.

The most minimal maintenance program I’ve ever seen was:

Week 1: Pulldown and squat, one set each.

Week 2: Deadlift and dip, one set each.

and repeat.

I think that is going too far with low volume, though.

I’d recommend the below sort of program – the specifics can be rearranged greatly according to need.

All exercises are just one set.

The asterisk symbol denotes performing a set to about two or three reps less than could otherwise be done, and with comfortably fast negative. If there’s
no asterisk, this means performing
as many reps as can be completed in
good form, without attempting probably-impossible reps, and emphasizing the negatives with a 4 second pace:

Monday: Squat*, DL, Overhead Press*, Bench Press, Barbell Row* or a heavy machine row like Hammer Strength Iso Row*, Chins or Pullups. Add calf work if necessary.

Friday: DL*, Squat, Bench Press*, Overhead Press, Chins* or Pullups*, Barbell Row or heavy machine row. Add calf work if necessary.

So, not counting calf work, only 12 sets total per week of which only 6 are hard. This hardly interferes with specialization, yet can maintain overall strength and size for at least a couple of months.

If you have certain core exercises particularly important to you besides these, they certainly can be included as well or instead of any of these.