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maintenance level k-calories and strength gains

I’ve been into mma for about a year now and I decided to quit my cutting phase because I’m ready to work on developing absolute strength. I started at 202lbs 18% and now I’m at 175 9%. If my goals are to develop relative strength, speed strength, and muscle and power endurance. HEre are my question: 1)should I skip a hypertrophy phase and just work on absolute strength then speed strength.
2)Can you concurrently train endurance and strength or should it be done sequentially? 3) Is it possible to stay the same body fat and gain strength? 4) Is there a better way to complete my goals?

Thanks for your feedback

  1. I don’t see any need to a traditional hypertrophy phase in light of your goals, although if you’re trying to train endurance, it might serve as a happy medium. Read some of Chad Waterbury’s stuff; he’s a firm believer that tradition hypertrophy training is hogwash, and that caloric intake dictates whether or not you grow.

  2. I’ll just say that it’s difficult to ride two horses with one ass, although an EDT fat loss type program might enable you to do so.

  3. Yes! Many people (myself included) have even gained strength while cutting.

  4. Heavy weights, speed training, and some HIIT seems to be the way to go from my perspective.

Thanks for the advice