Maintenance for Bars

Huge fan off 5/3/1 and have been training with it for several years- I train in my garage and have a Texas pb okie dl bar and others. They have been accumulating rust around where I grip and on the ends. Any suggestions for basic care to eliminate/ prevent this from happening? Thanks for any tips you have used in the past

to remove light surface rust, I would use CLR and a green scouring pad.

To prevent it from happening, I use a graphite based lubricant that dries completely - I think it is made by Blaster. it lasts a few months per application.

Done- the graphite left a darker color on the bar. Some applied a little more than other parts and it is a bit raised. Does it take a while to completely absorb in? Just don’t want that grimy feel every time a I use it.

Hmm, sorry I forgot to mention the discoloring.

I have never had a grimy feel to mine, it absorbs dry and tack free. Did you rub it in, or just spray it on?

I sprayed it on- but probably should have applied with a rag instead

Never had a problem with rust. I cannot help.

General Maintenance and chalk removal:

  1. Wipe bar with nylon bristle brush

Phase 2 - Preventative

  1. Wipe bar with nylon bristle brush
  2. Apply small amount of 3-in-1.
  3. Rub in with nylon brush.
  4. Wipe with lint free cloth
  5. Optional - use a disinfectant spray (ammonia based), wipe off with lint free cloth.

Phase 3 - For Rusty Bar
Same as #2 but use a wire brush.

Some very nice information from Mr. Rippetoe on barbell maintenance and just general info. Cheers gents.

Awesome. Thanks for the help guys