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Maintenance Cut

By the end of June I’ll be six months into my bulking. I started off at 137 and I should be at around 155-157 by the end of June. I was considering a “maintenance” cut, because my stomach is starting to stick out. I’d like to lose 2 inches off my stomach and then get back to bulking. Is this a bad idea? How long would it take to lose those 2 inches?

If your not happy with the belly then its a good idea.

I’ve never tried a cut with muscle maintenance in mind. Any advice on what I should do considering my goal is to lose 2 inches? I’m hoping one month is long enough.

Part of me wants to do this to just try cutting and see what it’s like. I suspect I’ll prefer bulking.

I would lower the kcals/carbs GRADUALLY to minimize muscle loss. If you were bulking on 3500, I would suggest dropping by 250-300 kcals until you plateau and repeat that.

So 3500, then 3200, then 2900 etc.

My plan is to continue lifting like I was when I was bulking, but to just add cardio and lower my calories. Now, obviously I don’t suspect to improve my lifts doing this, but as long as my lifts stay the same does that mean I’m not losing muscle mass?

kid looks like he knows alot about cutting after all…

I’ve always been a fan of Berardi’s Don’t Diet approach for a slow or maintenance cut.

I first read about it here: