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Maintenance Calories and Rest Days


Hi guys,

Quick question I haven't been able to find total clarity on online - I'm in a fat loss phase right now consuming 15% less of maintenance calories. I've been cycling my calories where I consume 15% less of TDEE using a 5x per week training multiplier (1.58 x Basal) ON TRAINING DAYS and 15% less of TDEE using a no-exercise multiplier (1.28 x Basal) ON REST DAYS.

Do you think manipulating calories this way is making me eat too much less than I need to, meaning I should be consuming the same amount of calories (15% less 1.58 x Basal) linearly every day?

It has always made sense to me to eat more on training days than rest days but does anecdotal evidence support this?



I would keep the xtra calories on off days to keep your metabolism up and help you feel less crap on the cut