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Maintenance After Surgery?


I just had a partial knee arthroscopy to repair a torn meniscus and I won't be able to do anything for a long time - ROM is completely shot, I can't stand properly without support, my leg is in a knee immobilizer. Obviously I'm not going to be very active for a while (although I'm working on a pull-up bar.)

My question is: should I be taking any supps to try and maintain everything I built from my bulk? (165 to 184 in three months or so, something like that.) If not, just keep my protein intake up and do whatever I can? I appreciate any advice you have.


Hmmm, a tricky situation your in huh? Well, for starters, I'd definitly keep protein high, as well as another energy source to prevent the body from using protein (and consequently muscle) as its primary energy source.

As for supplements, obviously, they won't do much, but I do believe they can help. I think taking creatine to maintain cell volume can help, as well as Alpha Male, or Carbolin 19 (I think thats what its called). They'll help keep your testosterone levels nice and high, which should help with maintaining muscle mass :wink:


OP is 16, Alpha Male is not going to do much for him. I know leg work is out for a while, but what about upper body work?


Didn't even see that the OP was 16. In that case, you should have NOTHING to worry about. Your body is naturally growing, so you wont lose any mass. Technically, even if you didn't pump iron, you'd still put on some muscle because of your age.


Cadet... really think you need to also focus on healing your repaired area asap. I just recently had surgery on a c7 t1 disk and was supposed to be down no activity at all for 6 weeks, took a regimine of vitamins and minerals and am able to work out with low weight high rep with Drs. blessing.


I'm going to try and get back in the gym soon, once my ROM improves a little and I'm more stable on my feet (I have difficulty getting it at a 90 degree angle, so benching is difficult, and I have difficulty standing, especially while carrying anything.) In the meanwhile, would bodyweight exercises be alright? Dips, pull-ups, chin-ups (or, at least, attempts at them?)

I would in a perfect world, but the muscle doesn't seem to be coming so easily. Maybe I'm a late bloomer?


Those exercises are amongst the best choices. I use them all the time, part of my small arsenal of exercises.