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Maintaining weight on the T-dawg?

In the last couple of months I have started trainig/nutrition plans in which I try to either maintain my weight to decrease body fat or gain 1-3 pounds and while keeping my fat percentage the same. So my question is this, would it be possible to maintain my body weight doing the T-dawg except for the initial water loss? Anyone tried this approach?

I doubt that the T-dawg is great to mantain, never tried it but i would think just switching from carb burning to fat burning you would lose some weight, granted some will be water

if u already have a low body fat % you go on a bulking diet for a short time like “get Big Diet” or “massive eating” and gain some lean muscle as well as a hopefully only a modicum of fat and over shoot your target and gain like 5 pds then go on the T-dawg or if u have a realitly high body fat (15 %) i would go on the t-dawg first drop some body fat and then go on a bulking phase to get back up to previous weight with more lean muscle as well as a lower body fat %

one question though...why would u go through as the pains of of a low carb diet to remain the same weight, I personaly think u would be better off with the delta 1250 it is slower weight gain so u know it is all lean muscle

I just like experimenting is all. I have been intrigued by the T-dawg for a while but I don’t generally diet so I was thinking about trying to compare it to the results I get from my regular diet. I’m already 8% bodyfat and normally can drop about 2% in a month while maintaining my weight(sometimes I drop a pound or two) - the only reason I would do the dawg is to see if I could lose more.