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Maintaining vs Deloading


What would the difference be? It makes sense that maintaining would be a little more work then deloading.


De-loading is usually preceded by a period of work too intense to be recovered from DURING the period it's performed in. The athlete 'over-reaches', and then spends some time de-loading to allow her body to super-compensate for the stress. De-loading typically involves decreasing volume or intensity or both.

Maintaining is a (usually longer) period of work of intensity so moderate it fails to cause any adaptation response. It typically involves increasing neither volume nor intensity for long periods of time.

Small, but important, differences.


So would a program set up for maintaining strength(perhaps during a sporting season) look any different from a deload week? Or could a deload week be repeated for weeks/months in order to maintain strength?


... kind of. A de-load week is really more seperated by what comes immediately before and after it, but I guess if you backed off on volume and kept intensity the same, just kept walking in and benching 225 for five every Monday for three months, that would stop being a deload and start being maintenance at about week 2.

I think that, unless this is just theoretical pondering, you should probably post up your training regimen and goals and get strait critique on that. It might not be as generally useful, but would be more direct and easier in this case.