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Maintaining Strength while Losing Weight

I’m trying to lose some weight, roughly 20-30lbs and want to maintain my strength as best as possible. What I was thinking of doing was going to a 3 day full body routine to make sure I hit all the big lifts regularly. These will be quite low volume but heavy weight sessions, maybe 5 sets of 2 or 3 in the big compound lifts. I’ll use a mix of steady state and HIIT to drop weight. I was wondering if any of you have done something similar to this or have any tips about how you maintain strength while losing weight.

Thanks for your help/advice!

this semester i did a fire academy at the local community college to get all my fire certifications. when i started i topped out at 211, i wanted to drop weight to help improve my speed, endurance, and body weight excersise( pullups, chins, dips, etc.) so i started carb backloading after i saw Chad smith from juggernaut training systems had lost like 20 pounds and maintained his strength while improving body comp. so i started it while beginning juggernaut. im no sitting at around 188 and all my core lifts are stronger. i would suggest something like 5/3/1 with some heavy singles to maintain that top strength. its tough to lose weight and improve strength but it can be done.


Thanks man I appreciate it. I’ll look into that! I would be delighted if I can keep up my strength levels where they are and get better at bodyweight stuff. I’m pretty pathetic at chins at the moment.

no problem, theres a fantastic thread here under the supplement and nutrition category on carb back loading that got like a couple hundred posts on it, lots and lots of daily diet logs on there to give you an idea of different foods and schedueling structure. and yeah i used to suck and chins too, way i got better at them was do like 10 sets of 3 to build up my endurance, and the weight loss helped my pullups soo much. the hard thing with those is if you cant do a pullup, theres very little to do to strengthen that area to get better at them other than maybe lat pull downs, but the weight loss will help greatly