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Maintaining Strength while Dieting - Carb Intake

I’m about 5’11" 190-195 and am gonna compete in a powerlifting this year and have never dieted but I wanna get down to below 181 to compete but also wanna get decently shredded so I was wondering what your guys opinions are for my carb intake, I was thinking just having 100g carbs a day mostly peri workout or carb cycling or maybe 150g carbs a day if 100g seems a bit low. Because I want to try keeping my big lifts or at least keep them close to where they are.

Yep can work: give this a whirl…

Seems nice and straight forward something to definitely consider thanks.

The goal of any diet is always to keep as much LBM as possible while losing fat, so be sure to make your nutritional adjustments slow and steady, and keep very detailed data of your weight. Aiming for no more than 2lbs per week loss should allow you to keep most of your strength.

Most folks take in more protein than needed, so if you’re protein right now is 1.5g per pound or higher, you can try lowering it to 1.2 or so and that will leave more room for carbs.

Overall, to just pick a number of carbs and say “try 150g carbs per day” over an internet forum isn’t really possible. Everyone is different in terms of what they can handle, insulin sensitivity, etc. Some guys can diet on 250-300g carbs, others need to go lower. I’d recommend taking your current maintenance cals and starting by reducing calories by 10% to start, and add some conditioning/cardio a couple of days a week. Protein at 1.1-1.2g per pound, calculate your fat intake (be sure to keep enough healthy fats in there) and whatever is left you can fill with carbs. Start by focusing your carbs around your workout window, whatever is left have at breakfast, and anything left after that you can divide how you like.

Most importantly, realize that if your goal is to cut, then that should be your priority. Of course you want to keep your lifts and strength up as much as possible, but if your MAIN goal is to cut, you need to be ok with the possibility of losing a little bit of strength. That being said, since you’re only losing 10-15 pounds, I don’t think you should notice any significant decrease in strength IF you program your diet correctly.

Read what Rob wrote ^

Also, understand that you can have different days during the week. Some with lower carb intake (higher healthy fats, proteins), and others (training days) with a higher carb intake peri-workout. Heck, as long as you have somewhat of a caloric deficit on other days, you can get by with little to no deficit on actual PL training days.


All good info I’ll try to use thanks guys and my proteins actually pretty low, maybe too low? Only around 200 g and I am currently 194 as of today should I up it a bit? And also for conditioning my work is 2.7km away and it’s a labour do you think you walking really fast there and back would be sufficient for now as a begin cutting or should I do more. And if you recommend more would doing it after my weights be good just because any other time it’s really inconvenient and would be harder to get done.

I would bump them a bit, but again, don’t go too crazy because you don’t really need to. I usually hover around 205, and I think my protein intake during preps was only about 250g