Maintaining Strength/Size, Recovering from Injury

Hey all, I’m a bit new to the lifting scene, I’ve been training for a little over 3 years now. But over last winter I had a slight injury in my lower back. I’ve seen a doctor about it and gotten x-rays, there are no skeletal injuries going on. But I did learn that I have an APT, and my lower back muscles and hips are a bit unbalanced because of a slight levoscoliosis.

As such he suggested that I stop squatting all together (typical doctor speak) and to take some time away from lifting to work on core strength and mobility work while I recover.
I understand that through recovery I will lose strength and mass because I’m taking a break from training, however, are there things that I can do to help at least maintain some of my strength so that I’m not starting from the bottom again when I get back to it?
Thanks a lot everyone.