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Maintaining Strength/Power in 2 Days


Hey coach Thibs! I'd like some help optimizing my workout plans. :slight_smile:

I now train at 5:30AM instead of 6:00PM. I actually really like it. Z-12 has helped get on schedule. I also now train with my girlfriend - which is also really cool.

She really loves bodybuilding workouts, so she and I are doing Reactive Pump style training. SHE ONLY TRAINS MONDAY - FRIDAY, but I train all 7 days a week. Here is what we have got going split wise:

Monday: Reactive Pump Legs - Heavy
Tuesday: Reactive Pump Chest/Shoulders - Heavy
Wednesday: Reactive Pump Back - Heavy
Thursday: Secondary Legs - Pump
Friday: Arms - Pump
(Just me)Saturday: Reactive Pump Chest/Shoulders - Pump
(Just me)Sunday: High Pulls???

She wants to bring up her legs so we are doing them on Monday and Thursday.
She has no interest in massive traps (obviously), so the John Meadows Back day is lat focused. But I DO have an interest in massive traps.
Another issue is maintaining the violent power that I've developed over the past 10 months of so.

How would you recommend modifying what she and I have going for us to reach each of our goals? Something like?

Monday: JM Legs - PUMP focus
Tuesday: JM Chest/Shoulders - PUMP focus
Wednesday: JM Back - Lat Focus
Thursday: Legs Strength Session with Explosive/Heavy Focus?
Friday: JM Arms - Pump
(Just me)Saturday: Upper Body Explosive Maintenance day 1? High Pulls?
(Just me)Sunday: Upper Body Explosive Maintenance day 2? High Pulls?

Thanks CT. I know this was a big read, so hit me up with any questions you have if needed.

  • Colby F.


I am not someone who likes Frankenstein programs. The Reactive Pump system is VERY demanding for a bodybuilding program, by itself it is pretty hard to recover from. If you add anything to it, unless you are a physical freak you will reduce your rate of progress. Sure you will be able to "do the work", but that doesn't mean that you'll be able to have a maximal positive adaptation.


Thanks coach for the input!