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Maintaining Strength/Muscle Mass

Hey guys,

Over the past two years or so ive been training really hard in the iron game. doing powerlifting and football specific stuff like a ws4sb split. i got real strong, and gained a lot of good mass. now however ive begun to play a lot of basketball again, which can be a very catabolic activity.

i play about 2 hrs a day 5 times a week, and im currently using a 3 day split in the weight room to accompany that. Day 1 Max effort lower body, day 2 maintenance upper body ( incorporating ME and RE) day 3 dynamic effort lower. im looking for some strategies to maintain most of the muscle mass and strength that i worked hard for over the past couple years.

Eat big around your basketball workouts - if you fill that it really drains you, you may even have some whey, glucose and BCAA (or recovery drink like Surge). If you are carb tolerant you don’t have to worry.

Use the in-season template from WS4SB3. It is only two days a week and would work well with your busy basketball schedule.