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Maintaining Strength In-Season

Hey everyone,

I started my summer soccer season about a month ago and it is affecting my working out very negatively. I have soccer 4 days a week, and it seems I just don’t have the energy or intensity in the gym I had before the season started. I had been powerlifting 3-4 days a week before the season started but thought that would be too stressful on my body in season so I decided to do a full body workout 3 days a week (5 sets of each major muscle group)). But about every major lift (squat, deads, and bench) have significantly decreased in weight lifted. I have increased my protein intake to perhaps help repair my body since it is being used much more than before.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to perhaps maintain my strength for after the season is finished or routines that have worked for you.


When I play sports, which I do often, I find that I have to eat a tonne and get a tonne of sleep to maintain the lifting. And at best I usually don’t improve my lifts too much. Scaling back your lifting some will also help both your soccer and your lifting. I would still do there days a week, but only focus on the money exercises and maybe one assistance move.

Are you going to the Nova Scotia Powerlifting championship in 2 weeks?

WS4SB 3 has an in season template that has worked well for many people.

Oh yeah that is true, WS4SB does have a good template, I forgot about that. And no not ready for the the power lifting championships yet, still need a bit more experience because I am very new to powerlifting but I love it and will consider something like that in a few years time.