Maintaining Squat While Working DL

First, I’m getting at the end of CT’s vertical program and squats are calling for 5 sets of 1-3. My squat is about 300. This week I did my 5 sets, 275lbs for the first set for 3, 280 for 3 sets for 3, 2, then 2, then my last set 275 for 3. For this coming week, I plan to do 285 for 2, maybe for all 5 sets, but try to get my 2 reps with 290 somewhere in there.

Then for the final week, I want to do 295 for a singles and try to hit 300 for a singles somewhere in there. Is this too much weight for me? I’m not sure, but I feel like I’ve heard that doing over 90% of you max for singles shouldn’t be your 1 rep max. Should my singles be about 95% of my 1 rep max even though I can do 2 reps?

Also, since I’m getting done with this program soon, I’m going to take my off week, then I was planning to do Eric Cressey’s Ultimate Off Season, but I don’t have all the equipment needed such as a trap bar.

So I’m thinking of trying to make my own program. I’ve heard the 5 sets of singles are great for relative strength, and that is what I am looking for. How should I do this if all I’m looking for is relative strength? And are singles just meant for compound movements, or could I do it for smaller exercises to get stronger at that too?

Lastly, how would I maintain my squat when working my deadlift? Will it maintain since I’m working my legs even though it is not the same movement? I feel like my squat helps my vertical jump more then deadlifts, but I’m hearing a lot that working the posterior chain has to do a lot more with being fast and jumping high.

If you can get 275 for 5, I fairly confident that you can hit 300 and you can probably get 315. I don’t where you read that you should only to singles at +90%, but I don’t agree with it. There is nothing wrong with going for 2 or 3 reps at +90.

Singles are great for strength, but you have to be careful not use the same exercise for too long. You can only max out on one exercise for 1-4 weeks. Everyone is differnt, but less experience trainees tend to be on the higher end of that. Also, you should only max out on 1 maybe 2 main movements. You shouldn’t max out on all you accessory stuff it is too demanding on the CNS.

Lower body day
Work up to a 1-3 reps max on squat or deadlift variation.

Do some rep work for accessory stuff like SLDS, back extentions…ect.

Deadlift and squat work a lot of the same muscles. You don’t need to anything to maintain one or the other. Chances are if one goes up so will the other.