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Maintaining my Sanity

Alright,t-men. Here’s a problem of mine that I hope someone can provide perspective. Here’s an original story: I began dating this girl, who incidentally, is my manager at work. We dated casually for a while, about 5 months, and then everything went to hell on a rocket. The infamous, ex-boyfriend, moved back to town, and she claimed that she was OVER him. Also, she claimed before this that I was the only one she wanted to date. Everything reversed itself and she still had feelings for him. OK, I’ve been there before, and I chumped out a couple times after…like wanna see a movie. Foolish lines. So, I decided it was over, but since then, she’s been acting psycho. She was nice but is now bitchy. Girls who I joke with at work are given the silent treatment or lots of attitude. I’m told she constantly stares at me at work. In return, I just don’t talk to her, can I be blamed? I have to stick it out until May when I graduate. I’ve thought about approaching her, but I don’t know how she’ll react. I am trying to diffuse any pot. situation because I don’t want her to lose her job. So, I’m in a bind because I want these next 2 months to be somewhat bearable. Any feedback or response would be appreciated.

ok first off, im assuming that the ex aint a bodybuilder, which means he aint as cool as you. heres my idea. go stifler on her ass. act like a dick, or shall i say a “fuckface.” i dont know if that will help the situation but it will sure make your life fun. just stupid immature shit to make the weird times less awkward will help the two months go by.

Dude, you are fucked…Never get your meat where you get your bread. Quit and be poor, its better, trust me. Dating you boss was stupid, I hope she had good pussy because now it’s time to pay.

She wants you because she can’t have you. If you want this girl, keep up your tactics before you move in for the sale. BUT, if you want to get her away, empower her. Tell her how much you liked her. Tell you that you miss her. This way she will be able to dump you. Of course, it takes a lot of pride to be able to let someone think they have one up on you. But if you do this, it will allow her to feel in control when she “dumps” you.

Sorry bro, now you know not to date co-workers I work in a strip club, if I can do it so can you. outlaw

She’s exhibiting a classic case of wanting her cake and eating it too. There is nothing more unnerving than having the guy you thought was crazy for you decide he’s not interested anymore. She is jealous and wanting you to pine over her despite wanting her ex as well. Keep on doing what you’re doing. It doesn’t sound like you owe her any explanations or discussions. She decided to go back to the ex, you moved on. Simple. Keep it that way.

GM is right. Just keep on ignoring her, excepting the minimal interaction necessary to do your job. And don’t be afraid to flirt with your other co-workers if that’s the type of interaction you’re used to having with them. Just don’t let her presence interfere with your behavior at all, and let her sit back and figure out what she wants, as it seems as if she hasn’t quite learned the lesson about having one’s cake and eating it too. Having you go from 60 to 0 in 3.5 flat will probably make her freak and try to win you back, but you’ve already been there and done that, and seen the error of your ways, so you won’t make the same mistake twice. Burn me once, shame on you; burn me twice, shame on me. Peace. Out.

Thanks guys for the input. FYI, everything ended in early Jan., and I thought everything would smooth out considering she was now dating her recent ex and another ex. Also, I was receiving the cold shoulder, as well. But, everything has seemed to escalate. Spring break is appraoching, and I am headed for the beach. Perhaps, everything will cool down. Maybe.

Can you somehow see my thoughts?haha

dude, she’s on a collision course for sexual harassment: cuz you won’t boink her, she makes work life miserable? nah uh. tell her what she’s doing is illegal. maybe she’ll find something else to stare at after that.

hehe i dont think i can read your thoughts but hey we all live in the gym and eat low carbs so theres gotta be some telepathic connection

Your facts indicate that she decided she had feelings for the ex. You played it cool. You broke things off. She got upset. She is upset because she lost the power. I still say that if you give her back the power by letting her think she can have you at her mercy, then she will tire of you. Admittedly, it might feel weird for you to let someone get the best. But really, you’re the one whose winning. Winning, after all, is getting what you want. From what I can tell, you want to get her off your back. So, if you want to win, let her think she has won.

You may have to kill her,or at least take her on Springer.

I was told yesterday(from other friends AW) that she said I was acting weird and felt uncomfortable talking to me at work b/c people might speculate. Cant quit. Can’t complain( the fallout would affect others). Don’t understand?