Maintaining My Appetite

My post is about my inconsistent appetite. I work shifts so I can't set up a fixed time for each meal but try to set meals at time periods. My problem is that some days I'm just not hungry I eat but its force feeding myself and evens then it's not that much. Some days I have a smaller breakfast and then nothing for the rest of the day till supper without feeling the need to eat. Other days I'm just not in the mood to eat, I'll make food and then stare at it and take a half an hour to finish the meal.

What can I do to increase my appetite and keep it consistent? My progress is held back by trouble to keep a decent Calorie intake. When I get that part right I can see the difference in my progess.


Smoke somethin’, biiyyyyyyyyitch

No, but really…
Get over it. Eat on a timed schedule whether you are hungry or not. Its not that hard. Drink lots of water. It’ll help your stomach stay expanded.

Say you’re trying to maintain at 3000 cals.
You sleep for 8 hours a night. That gives you 16 hours in a day to eat. In order to get the 3000 cals in, youre going to need to be eating about 200 cals for every hour youre awake.

Excuses are excuses. Just eat.

Edit: I know from experience.