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Maintaining Muscle



Im about to move from Austrlia to India
i was just wondering if some one could outline how to maintain your muscle mass ???

like can it be done with diet only ?

or do your muscles shrink with out use as well ?
ive just done my first bulk ever and i really dont wanna lose it all. please help

thank you


If you dont workout you will lose muscle and you just finished your first bulk? You're not giving it a gestation period and allowing your body to adjust to the new weight. You'll most likely lose everything you gained.


Jumping up in weight, getting scared because you lost an ab, and then dieting right back down within weeks is a great way to make NO progress.


I'm quite confident they have heavy stuff in India.

And in the unlikely event they don't, lift lots of light stuff.


Naturally, your body responds differently to stimuli when you're in India compared to when you're in Australia. Therefore, I suggest the following:

1) Eat

2) Lift

3) Don't get dysentery.

If you have a hard time finding enough to eat, you can always kill and cook one of the cows walking around. Just be careful not to do it around any Hindus.


Do you have any mental health issues ???
or are you just ignorant ???

what the hell are you talking about,
india is a third world country,im not even sure if there is gyms there, they are all vegos and id bet money they dont have whey protein over there.

im just looking for good information on maintaining my new muscle buddy, i did loose abbs but ahahah and i liked it so dont judge me dude cos your a barking up the wrong tree,
now being the smart black man that you are can you tell me , what i can do to keep and maintain my muscle ???

ive already got a body weight training program i made up that i can do any where.


they will serouisly kill you if you kill a cow, its messsed up, theres 800 million hindus that would be hard.

ok lets say i can do a push ups, body weight jump squats, sit ups, leg ups, dips, chins, and upside down push ups against a well. thats some lifting

but what do i need to eat to just maintain. ??? are there any guide lines for this ???


Awwww mate dont go stirring up Prof X Please or we will having a 8 page thread of him arguing with u :frowning:

Anyway my question to u is why u moving to india? Just curious as to why u would leave the best county in the world?

My advice is stay away from the curry,that shit will pass through u like nothing else and u will be on the shitter for days,good way to lose weight but thats not what u are after.


K of K


yeah australia is the best but ive lived here for 20 years (all my life), my dads over in india, he has a job for me making ok money i figured it would be more exciting than living here so ill go and check it out for a couple years. maybe get a wife and play with the many legal guns over there have some fun then come home back here and settle down in the safety of this great country.

hahah yeah i hate curry , i already no the word for "no spice thank you"

got any advice on maintaining muscle mass???


If you'll be in a big city, you'll have no problems finding a gym in India. If you're going to a small town or out of the way place, I suggest you sit down with a travel book and find the nearest extremely expensive hotel/resort and email or call to ask if they have a fitness center (which they will, and will allow you to use for less money than you're currently paying at your gym).

If you're going to the true boondocks, start researching and practicing difficult body weight exercises (ballistic push ups, dips, hand stand push ups, one handed push ups, pistols, [long distance] walking lunges, hindu squats, pull/chin ups, etc) so you'll have a good program up and running when you arrive.

They eat a lot of diary in India, and although there is an extensive vegetarian cuisine, meat is still eaten in most areas. Before you go, learn how to combine vegetarian foods for maximum protein and health. If you're motivated and proactive in your research, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to maintain and even improve upon your gains, no matter how challenging the circumstances you end up in.

Good luck!


taken from Chris lind, laying a foundation...i will also start doing this in about 2 weeks for i will be going on vacation for a long time.

"There are times when I simply cannot make it to a gym. I have found that doing a 30 minute full body workout of calisthenic exercises at my home is FAR preferable to simply missing a workout.

As always, if I have a stop watch I time myself between sets, resting 1.5 to 2 minutes
between sets.

1) Legs
Standing Jumps: 3 sets of 20 to 25 reps.

When is the last time you just jumped up and down? To perform this exercise I jump
straight up as high as I can and land on my toes, bending into a squat. I then jump straight
up again. I feel a good, deep exhaustion in my thighs after completing 3 sets of this

2) Shoulders and triceps
Handstand Pushups: 3 sets of 20 to 25 reps.

3) Chest and triceps
?Jumping Pushups? 3 sets of 20 reps

4) Abs
Floor ?L? sits with a reverse crunch: 3 sets of 10 reps

5) Back and Biceps
If I can find a place to do pull ups, I will perform 3 sets of pull ups for 15 reps followed
by 3 sets of chinups for 15 reps."


there is always gymnastic progressions, i feel that in time of no weight to lift you turn to your own body.


thanks heaps thats solid info,
its gonna be full on over there, that really helps thanks again


Along with pure bodyweight exercises, find a nice log. Carries, overhead presses, drags (requires a rope), etc. Lots of cool things you can do with a piece of tree


Why dont you do a bit more of some research instead of thinking that you have no options. I am sure you can even buy a weight set in India. you said you were gonna be there for a few years right?

Sandbags, logs, hollow blocks, water containers etc all at your disposal.

oh, and not ALL indians are Hindu, and not ALL are vegetarians.. maybe this trip of yours will open your mind a bit to the diversity of different cultures. Good luck!


Ok first off, where did i say that ALL indians are hindu ??? i didnt!. there is roughly 800 million hindu and 140 million muslims then minor groups are budist and christain,

second off im half indian and have been there before and know alot about it and gyms are hard to find and ussually in hotels which you have to be a guest at to use and they are ussually the 5 star ones,thats in the citys the towns dont have pluming or power let along gyms.

ive done my research and there is a small chance i will be able to buy a weight set after i work and make enough money to buy one thats if i can find a shop that sells them. its not a western country its like old school meets new school with one billion people and nearly half of them are homeless and live in slums of tin shacks. i cant just walk down the street and into my local amart all sports store and say "hey terry can i have a free weight bench and a barbell cheers mate". but yeah the log is a good idea they have to have logs , all though ill probably have to fight some one to get it.

im preying every day that some how they have whey protein there, ive been looking at veg body builders all today they are scary scary people, and i dont wanan eat soy they all eat soy, fucking HATE soy. and beans , ill have to live off armonds and peanuts i think and cheese and yoghert, and eggs. you can serouisly die from eating the meat there


I'm not sure why the author of the above quotations feels licensed to call other people ignorant.


How about getting some resistance bands/tubes and taking those with you?
They wouldn't take up much room in your luggage.
Sandbag workouts
Get some cement and fill various containers (buckets, gallon jugs etc.).


Yikes, don't wake the bear!!lol


what ? that doesnt make sense ?
all i said was the truth, one india IS a third world country ! and two the colour of professor x's skin is black which i am more inclined to personally but any way its still a fact, and he is a smart man ever one here knows this , so what the hell are you on about ?