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maintaining muscle mass

When one is trying to lose fat, but muscle size and strength maintenance are more important than rate of burning adipose tissue, is a low carb diet(t-dawg) ok? or should one opt for more carbs? Also , how much cardio should be done and at what heart rate? Should a post cardio meal be similar to a post weight training meal? Any help would be great, thanks.

All I can say is that the issue is quite complicated. My advice would be to read everything John Berardi has written for T-mag. He has covered this topic well and has guidelines for a more moderate fat loss plan and a method for how to work cardio in also. My take on cardio is that if it is intense and of sufficient duration (kind of vague, but I think you know what counts), it deserves a post-workout shake. If it is low intensity, i.e., walking, slow bike riding, etc. , I don’t think it deserves a shake.