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Maintaining Low Bodyfat During Holidays?

hey coach Thib , want to ask you is there something train wise to do to maintain body fat levels during holidays while it is almost impossible to eat healthy or get away from junk food .
ps : i am about 10% bodyfat and i really want my abs to be there post holiday .

You are of course aware that the holidays are over?

Personally I always get leaner during the holidays because I always stick to good foods. I don’t indulge. If you want there is always a way to avoid eating junk. If you WANT to eat junk and use the holidays as a justification, then it’s another story.

What can you do if you decide to eat junk?

  1. Eat less. caloric balance is still the no.1 reason for gaining or losing fat. If you eat junk BUT eat a caloric deficit (or at maintenance) you will not gain fat.

  2. Have a big protein shake (2 scoops of protein with 1 liter of water) prior to eating. This will fill you up a bit an limit how much you eat.

.3. Eat a large deficit the week prior to the holidays.

  1. Use supplements that increase insulin sensitivity (INDIGO 3G, Berberine, apple cider vinegar, r-alpha lipoic acid, etc.).

But again, my main recommendation is to control yourself.

thanks coach thats really helpful .
thank you so much