Maintaining Leg Size with Limited Attention

After an injury prevented me from squating and deadlifting for around 3 months, I replaced my usual lower body sessions with a dedicated arms day.

I have built some good arms without training them directly for years , but after this change I am seeing great arm growth so wanna keep that going. But I’m struggling to get back to my full lower days and find the time for the arms day. Plus the risk of the injury coming back puts me off my usual heavy squats and deads.

I have well built legs and at this moment in time I’m only interested in maintaining there size not really pushing for growth. So how would you approach leg training for maintenance over maybe 3 months?

Spend less time on them. If they start shrinking beyond what you’d like, spend more time on them.

[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
Spend less time on them. If they start shrinking beyond what you’d like, spend more time on them.[/quote]

Yep. I’d just reduce their frequency and keep the workout the same.

I’d try things like heavy sled work.

[quote]kd13 wrote:
Plus the risk of the injury coming back puts me off my usual heavy squats and deads.[/quote]
What was the injury? Are you 100% healed and just nervous about it recurring or is it a chronic issue that can flare-up if aggravated?

Really? Still, after three months of zero leg work? I’m just saying, do an honest self-evaluation to see if this is really the case or if it’s a convenient excuse to avoid training legs.

Once a week:
A) Squat variation 3-4x10-12
B) Single-leg exercise 2-3x8-10
C) Hamstring exercise 2-3x10-12

If you’re just looking for “maintenance”, then any exercise will do. Could vary it each week or keep them the same. The trick is going to be, after those three months, make sure you do bump up the intensity and/or volume and/or frequency.

The injury was in and around my hip joint, I did it playing football and I carried on training hoping to push through but stopping heavy squat and dead was the only way to fully heal. I have been doing some sprint work.

I’m far from a beginner and have trained solid and fully committed for 6 years and in this time have gone from 9st to nearly 13st and maintained around 10% body fat. 6 years of hard fought gains would not be lost in 3 months unless I was seriously ill! Lol.

Trust me its not an excuse, this moment in time my arms are my main focus as they will make the biggest improvement to my appearance. Also its playing on my mind that 2 of my uncles who both trained have had hip operations. This is the first time I have done arms days in6 years, that should give you an idea of how I train and strength has been my priority in this time and not mirror muscles!

I don’t train my legs much anymore for a myriad of reasons. To maintain, I do the following one day a week:

Seated leg curl: 3-4x8-20
45° back extensions (glute focus): 2-3x8-12
Leg press: 3-4x20-30

I also train calves on a different day.

I’m not saying this is how anyone should train, but this is what I do to maintain.

Thanks for the responses. Some weeks I can slip in an extra session so when I can I will aim for a full lower session. The weeks I can’t I will be certain to include some lower work at the start of the arms day.

The direct arm work is something I dislike, but looking at real life evidence of the people around me at the gym with truly impressive arms all say they have trained them directly and frequently. And certainly this few months have proved this to me.

After years of strength based training my goals have now changed and now Im training with hopes to compete in physic