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Maintaining Lean Mass While Not Lifting


So, I got a rib injury (I believe it's an intercostal strain) of sorts that hurts (varies from a sting to a strong "ow") pretty much every time I use the upper body or exert upper body/core strength. I think it depends on how much force I exert.

Decided to play it safe and not do any lifting until it stops hurting and a couple of days after that. Tentative guess is at least a week and a half.

Anyways, the question is- how should I be eating to maintain lean mass during this period?

Obviously eating like I am right now (currently trying to gain mass) will just get me fat(ter), so I need to reduce calories. But reduce too much and bad things will happen if I let it go on for weeks.

Pretty much all the research I've done on the subject always involved the individual exercising in some form. As such, I'm completely in the dark right now.

Do I eat at my presumed BMR (~1800 kcal) with a diet high in protein and fat? Or is that too low?


Just eat enough to neither gain nor lose weight. Keep the usual protein intake, do whatever the hell you want with carbs and fats as long as the calories are met. You will still lose some strength due to inactivity (which will come back quickly) and may lose a bit of muscle (which should also come back quickly).


there’ll be no significant loss of muscle after a couple of weeks, don’t worry


[quote]Yogi wrote:
there’ll be no significant loss of muscle after a couple of weeks, don’t worry[/quote]

Although you may hold more water due to inactivity; the Idea that one would deposit any significant body-fat over that period is just silly.


http://www.T-Nation.com/training/how-to-keep-muscle-during-a-layoff to keep your mind at ease


Thank you everyone.