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Maintaining Gains


I'm looking for advice on how best to maintain muscle gains. I just entered my wrestling season a few weeks ago and have cut 10 pounds. I have tried to keep hitting the weights but its become harder with wrestling taking up so much time and energy.

If I would only lift once a week in a full body routine and stayed on my low carb high protein diet could I manage the gains I had during the offseason?


You might want to ask this question in the Combat Sports forum, since it's specifically about wrestling.

When an athlete is in-season, performance is the number one priority. Maintaining strength, or regressing as little as possible, is about all else I'd hope for. I definitely wouldn't go low carb during the season, unless you know with 106% certainty that your body thrives on low carbs.

Without knowing the rest of your training schedule, when you're in the gym you'd want to focus on low volume stuff that doesn't beat you up at all. Full body will be fine, but keep things basic, basic, basic. Consider Staley's 3-5 plan, using non-maximal weights.

Add in some foam rolling/pre-hab work and you're in a pretty good spot. (Though if you only have one day to lift, this obviously wouldn't be the best plan).


yeah i wrestled in highschool and went through the same thing. i would be completely drained from practice and found it hard to lift weights afterwards. I would end up lifting like on the weekends haha. if your really worried about it wrestle up a weight class and eat alot.


im guessing youre gonna get answers along the lines of doing an upper/lower split and doing low rep strength training on the days youre free from wrestling. if you can only get 1 day then i dont know dude. what kinda wrestling training are you doing where you dont lift weights?


only days u have free from wrestling is the weekend. and wrestling training.. spin drills, wrestling live, push ups, going on runs, wind sprints, up downs, and a whole lot more.

And its nonstop when your done with one thing its right on to the next. my wrestling team didnt lift because we didnt have a weight room i know alot of teams do though.


I have dont have any days off wrestling that's the problem I go to open mat's on Sundays and we have tournaments on Saturdays. And I would wrestle up but I feel that would put a big block on my competivness.

But yoru saying if I do say
2x15 leg extension
2x20 squats
sets and reps of that scenario I'd be fine?