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Maintaining Gains evenly with supplements and workout


Ok, this might sound overly zealous when it comes to nutrition supplementation, but let me give you the breakdown of a 2 month's supply of goodies I got, afterwhich, I'd like the opinions of others on how to best stack, and or cycle these supplements to maintain gains and fat loss consistently:
(by the way, if you think one of these products don't work or are over-hyped, please let me know. Also, I am not supplementing with any steroids or prohormones. Thanks)

Ok here is the breakdown:

Pinnacle Insulene (supposedly helps make muscle cells more sensative to insulin?)

Pinnacle Alpha Dopa Growth Poppers (Supposedly helps moderately increase GH levels)

Absolute Nutrition Watershed (to get a more "ripped look" I'm quite certain this works based on some of the readings I've done on stuff that helps you shed water weight...)

Absolute Nutrition F-Block (chitosan supplement to bind and expell extra fat)

MuscleLinc Cort Bloc capsules (supposedly helps reduce the catabolic agent cortisol by up to 30%)

Biotest M (Do I even need to explain? :slight_smile: Blocks estrogen/pro testosterone formula)

Syntrax Guggulbolic (basically helps stimulate your thyroid to produce more TSH 'thyroid stimulating hormone'...I've tried it before and I'm pretty sure it works.)

SportPharma Vanadyl Sulfate (supposedly helps more glucose/insulin go into muscle cells rather than remain as blood sugar)

Biotest Tribex 500 (pro testosterone formula 'duh' 'heard some great things about this supplement')

Biotest ZMA Fuel (helps support test levels)

Nature's Way Saw Palmetto standardized extract 160 mg (helps block free testosterone from becoming the androgenic DHT)

Nature's Way Garlicin, odor-free garlic (to lower cholesterol levels right? Good for cariovascular system)

Natrol SAMe 200 mg (supposedly good for connective tissue?)

GMC MegaMan vitamin supplement (antioxidants to stay healthy, time-released formula I believe)

EAS Chondroitin Sulfate (For cartilage/joint support)

GEN FX-Chrysin (anti-estrogen)

Prolab EcdyVone (supposedly helps increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. I know Biotest has bashed this before but some other people swear by it? Also contains methoxyisoflavone and ipraflavone)

Prolab Creatine Capsules 700mg (Please don't make me explain...)

Safeway Select Ginkgo Biloba (good for your brain right?)

Sundown Flax Seed Oil (essential fatty acids...)

Sports One Di-Indoline (I think this allows for Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) 'another anti-estrogen' to be better readily absorbed by the body)

Kirkland Signiture High potency calcium (carbonate) with vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc

Safeway Select Ginseng (gives you extra energy right? Partly thermogenic)

Twinlab L-Arginne (great for the sex drive, also partly thermogenic I think?)

Twinlab Yohimbe Fuel (awesome for the sex drive and fat loss)

Biotest Myostat (Where have you been man!? The anti-myostatin stuff...! :slight_smile: )

Of course, with taking all these supplements, I will be eating a balanced meal (high in protein, a decent ammount of fat for natural steroid production, and low in carbs for lowered insulin resistance. Drinks will consist of Diet 7up (caffeine free naturally and water). Any opinions, suggestions, advice, improvements? Any help is greatly appretiated. How much do you think I could gain on on this diet with a 1-2 month timeframe of supplementation? Muscle gain? Fat loss? Thanks again!



Dude, there is no way you are taking all that stuff.


Just curious, how much did all that cost you?Let us know your results OK?


Fuck, you sound like a walking pharmacy!!! To be honest I couldnt advise you on how to stack these because you haven't listed your objectives, and by the sounds of it you want the best of both worlds (muscle gain and fat loss)- well sorry mate but from past experience you usually just end up shooting yourself in the foot. Train and diet for a specific goal (weight gain or loss)as the two require opposite types of calorie consumptions.
Laslty if you haven't used any of these products before how are you going to know which works and which is just plain shit if your taking everything under the sun at once?
I would say define your goal set your calorie requirments to reflect the goal use the basics (protein, multi vit/min, maybe creatine) and add each supplement at various stages and see if it makes a difference if not dump it. Personaly rather than buying most of that junk I would rather spend more on decent food, uther than that good luck joe.


Holy hand grenades, Batman! This can't be a real post. You might want to consider some kitchen sink extract as well! Just kidding. I used to do basically the same as you, taking numerous supplements (emphasis on numerous), and the only real change I noticed was in the thicknes of my wallet. If you've got serious money to burn, then more power to you; however, I think you could make a few wiser supplement choices, with all due respect. You say you're going to be following a balanced meal plan...what is your def. of balanced? Believe me, people have quite varying definitions of what this really means. Ditch the chitosan. I work at GNC and just like I tell customers, it may block a small amt. of fat cals but it does NOTHING for the fat that's already there. Actually I would 86 a lot of that, but before I say any more I want to hear back from you to make sure that wasn't a BS post. If it is real, I apologize and hope you aren't offended.


In my opinion, at least half of what you've listed is garbage. If you're serious, try eliminating all but 2 or 3 of these products. At least you'll have a better idea what's actually working.

I hope you're putting at least half as much effort into your diet.


I can't believe you bought all that stuff. I can't even comprehend taking all that. In my opinion, simplicity is best. What are your goals, diet, etc? How old are you? This is all important. I did not see a bottle of mag-10 in there. If there is one I guess I got lost in the maze of supplements. Give som more info about yourself and diet, age, all that junk. Goals too. Then maybe there can be some help for you yet.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....I bet you will gain a bunch if you just keep all that crap in your pockets when you step on the scale.


i couldn't imagine doing all that !!... and i feel like i do a lot !...6 tribex, 4 M, 6 MD6, and 3 T2, and 2 mulit-vitamins is 21 pills and that's a lot !!.... dude, you won't have room for food.... !!!


wow. that is alot of stuff, probably cheaper to go with some gear. hope it works, eating a high protein diet along with everything you have will probably give you some nice gains. are you trying to stay natural?




Do the anti-estrogen supplements REALLY work?


What bank did you rob? Anyway, more protein man. It's THE foundation. Aginine is a GH booster. You forgot Glutamine, an essential. Go with MHP's TRAC for your creatine-awesome stuff. Alot of this stuff is simply not neccessary, as they overlap- M/Chrysin/Indole.


What was the question again. Too much info for me big flea.


I think this post is a joke but i know there are really people out there like this, so I'll give you my opinion. You would be better off by picking the 3 supplements that you believe to be most important, and spending the rest of your time and energy working out. Creatine and protein is all you need if you eat right. The extra money you can spend on quality food like fresh vegetables and meat. All this supplement shit can get way out of hand.


How much tdo you pay for TRAC MHP I use to get that stuff for $25 a bottle to expensive in the stores... where do you get and how much??


Fuck it - I would just shotgun the stuff in the morning and hope something worked.


Kinda sounds like Homer Simpson's, "I will not eat anything that does not come in bar form" quote in the episode where he wanted to become something like a T-Man.

Oh my god! What about food?!