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Maintaining Gains After EDT?


Any intelligent thoughts/observations in terms of maintaining gains after an EDT arms cycle?

My thinking is that switching from high volume/frequency program to the wrong program would result in a sudden loss in the very stimuli that the muscles were exposed to? For example I wouldn't want to go from the most arm training to my powerlifting routine where I use little direct work, or would I?

Taper down from the twice a week arms to once a week, and finally back to my normal full body approach?

I understand this is a very specific question; maybe team EDT will chime in.


Staley recommends doing EDT in 3-4 week cycles, broken up with more traditional set/rep formats like 5x5 in between.

Try a search on it, Phil has a pretty good Thread on EDT. You might as well check Staley's Locker (on T-Nation not in his Gym of course).