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Maintaining Fertility?


Hey guys, first post on T-Nation. I am coming to you guys for a little advice. My wife and I are thinking about trying to have a kid. My question is, is there any way to keep my natural test levels up while doing a cycle (HCG possibly?) so as not to kill my little guys' production. I am trying to climb to about 220 and crawl under the 10% BF mark.

This would be my second cycle and was debating a Test-E/Winny cycle (unless there is a better option than Test). Just wondering your guys' thoughts or if I should just wait till after she is preggo. Thanks a bunch.


If youre interested in having a kid right now it would be much simpler to do that before going on a cycle. If you do go on with the cycle hCG is a good idea, but not a guarentee.

Many guys remain fertile while on cycle and many (most?) regain fertility after coming off. But there are always those unfortunate stories of guys who wind up with permanent damage or arduous recovery periods.

Theres always the option of freezing some sperm and then dropping a few grand on IVF


/\ /\ This. Bank some swimmers just in case, and use HCG on cycle and afterward. No worries.


u should be fine I still managed to get my wife pregnant and I'm running test at a gram a week, 500mg deca, and 100mg masteron ed and we weren't even really trying granted we weren't really trying not to either lol.


I remember reading Dr. Charles Yesalis saying that there has never been a recorded case of anabolic steroids making a man permanently infertile, as long as hcg/clomid was used while they were trying to impregnate their partner. This was including people who had been on for years and years. Because of that I'd say its pretty unlikely if you are doing 8-12 week cycles.


Simplest thing to do is wait till she's pregnant. If you want to be fertile on cycle, you'll need HMG and not HCG since you also need FSH for sperm production.