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Maintaining Diet While Traveling


So I have a question. I am about to do a lot of traveling for grad school interviews and still want to maintain my diet for a contest which is coming up. So I plan to pack along my foreman, rice cooker, and most of the time I will have a car so I can drive to grocery stores. Do you have any suggestions as to what to bring? What's easy to cook in a hotel room? etc? Thanks

Oh one more thing, I was planning on Pulse fasting one day maybe on one of the days I am driving...thoughts on that?


Hey dude, since your gonna have access to a grill and a rice cooker your pretty set as it is.

Id suggest buying a couple of bags of brown rice, oatmeal, dried fruit, cans of nuts, tuna packing in water, can of kidney beans, cans of salmon etc.

Basically you want things that wont perish but are also good for your BB goals. Canned foods are hands down the best as you can take them anywhere and they last forever i.e. Have a can opener, a fork and a few cans of tuna in your car and you'll never miss a meal.