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maintaining and shredding during injury

I dislocated my left shoulder two days ago. This is terrible for me, since bodybuilding is a huge part of my life. To stay in as best of shape and strength i can, i just ordered 3 bottles of 4-ad-ec, a botlle of tribex 500 and M, 2 more bottles of surge, and two bottles of v-12. I plan on using a modified T-dawg diet, with about 175g carbs on training days. Three questions: should I dose out my 4-ad-ec at 400mg/day for 3 weeks, or a standard 200mg/day for 6 weeks? Obviously i will train legs hard, but how hard if at all should i train the right side of my upper body? How much cardio? I am more concerned with keeping size than losing fat. Thanks a lot, any advice is appreciated.

I’m not sure if it makes sense for you to train our right side, esp. if your right side is stronger than your left side. Your right side will become even stronger and more muscular than your left side, which will crease more imbalance.

Hey Bro…I sympathize - I’ve dislocated my shoulder (completely) 3 times, with the last two times being November and December of 2002. I have a couple of questions for you:

1. Is this your first dislocation of that shoulder?

2. How long was the shoulder out of joint - i.e. did you have to wait 3 hours in emergency?

3. What sort of care are you getting for it as far as physio etc is concerned?

answer those, and I may be able to give you some pointers about your training and recovery. I don't know about the dosing of the supplements...perhaps they would be better saved for a time when you can train at 100%. In my experience, the layoffs haven't been such a bad thing as often we tend to train too much and rest too little. What I did was take a week off of weights, then trained legs moderately hard and did cardio to enhance circulation to the injury. Also, training the opposite side may have some benefits as research has indicated that there may be a small cross-over effect to the other limb. I wouldn't be too concerned with getting "one huge arm and one small arm"...your affected side will recover very quickly and may end up being even bigger than the other side. Good luck.

concentrate on legs and more importantly on your diet. hope your recovery is quick!

this is my first dislocation, and it was actually out for 2 days because i had to get to a military hospital and all the only local one was closed on Sunday. I have an ortho appt. this monday coming up

Dave, your body is injured, if it were me, I would rethink my plan a bit more. I would suspend my dieting plans until in a more healthy state. Resticting calories during time of injury will lead to slower healing. I would go or stay in maintence and come up with a recovery plan. The Tribex and M seems like a smart pick during this time. If you are going to use androgens and diet you might as well wait until you can get the most bang for your buck and preserve your mass and quicken fat loss with more intense training during your dieting phase. I do realize that the androgen will help with your recovery, but my advice comes from a point of judicious and cautious use of those supplements. Most importantly I think the d-tawg diet at this point should be put off until you return to a healthier state. Good luck man, I hope your recovery is quick!