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Maintainance Workout

Hi guys

I will be in soutamerica for the first 6 weeks of next year (NB: Im not saying this to generate envy ,lol) and I dont plan to be doing any cooking plus I’ll be too busy partying and holidaying which means that my goals for that period can only be mantaining ,if by the end of the holiday i dont put on extra fat and i manage to preserve the little muscle and strenght i have i will be very happy

i will try to eat as clean as possible given the circunstances and I will definitively be going to the gym but i cant posibly be counting calories

Having said all that what kind of training approach should i use for those 6 weeks?,i hate cardio and have never really done cardio but maybe now that i wont be able to control my calories as good as if i was doing my own cooking and most likely will be eating like a pig should i do cardio?

Should I go for little rest between sets to control fat?

Should i do 3 fullbody workouts a week instead of spliting bodyparts?

Should I lift heavy and low reps or should I go for high reps range?

Any tips?

Im not a bodybuilder but just an average joe who enjoys training and aspires to a decent physique

many thanks

Do you know what sort of equipment you’ll have access to during those six weeks?

Just the ussual stuff , dumbbells and barbells plus the machines but i really dont like the machines i can never get a good feeling out of them

First thing that comes to mind is Starting Strength:

Three full body sessions a week, heavy weights, focus on compound movements, emphasis on strength, but good for hypertrophy too.

If you eat enough to support growth, you’ll come back bigger and stronger than when you left.

Should be ideal…

thnx man

No problem! And thanks to Otep for starting the thread I linked to (credit where credit is due ;))