Maintain Legs During Back Injury?

well i’ve restrained my lower back during seated rows today. I’m already off of squats and deadlifts. I can’t do leg press without pain either.

So far all I’ve got are lunges :*(

thoughts? Rugby season is about to start and I don’t want to lose the strength i’ve worked for.


myofascial release.

How will rest or myofascial treatment help me maintain strength in my legs

If it’s not painfull do some bodyweight lunges, bulgarian split squats and step-ups, add in some leg curls and leg extensions and you will maintain for a little while. Good luck with the back.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Let me get this straight.

You have a back injury yet you intend to play rugby.

Way to look after yourself.

I understand the game is quite addictive but is it worth the risk of potentially damaging yourself for life?


yeah I donno. I’m gonna see a specialist and a chiro and see what they can do for it.