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Maintain LBM While Out of Action

Hey Guys, Just seen a doc about an inguinal hernia (groin) so I’m out of action for a while, at least the operation has been done or the specialist has cleared me.

What I’d like to know is what is the best way to eat, and how much, in order to maintain my LBM and not agin too much fat.

Im currently 5’9’ at 154lbs 12%b/f


Stretching has been shown to help maintain LBM while not working out.

As for diet, just lower your total caloric intake to adjust for your newly lowered baseline activity level.

Can’t you still do upper body stuff? Maybe some dumbbell presses, curls, extensions, rows, etc.? Or is ALL lifting on the back burner?

If you’re capable of doing any lifting exercise at all, do those ones. Eat at maintenance. Dont attempt to lose fat if you’re not really lifting. Other than that, there’s not really too much you can do.

Thanks for the responses guys, Im telling you if I can do upper body I will, Ill just have to be careful I think.

As for eating, I was never eating at my real maintenance anyway and I was working on gradually lifting it when this happened. Thats why I’m a bit unsure