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Maintain Energy


What strategies do people use to maintain their energy throughout the day? How about before a workout?

I'm mainly curious because caffeine doesn't seem to do anything for me, at all. For example, I had 2 12 oz coffees and a 12 oz green tea today and I'm ready to fall asleep at my desk.


How is your sleep? How many hours?


IMO if you are at all insulin resistant/overweight/diabetic, save the stimulants for a day when you're going to try for a PR or something.
I love love love coffee but over time it wreaked havoc on me. I'd feel like god for about 10-15 minutes then I'd crash and start nodding off. All I'm saying is for the people that fit into the above mentioned categories, I think stimulants shouldn't be touched. I had to give it up and I feel so much better, it's absolutely amazing.

Another thing that greatly helps me is a B-Complex in the a.m. Also I'll sip a protein drink throughout the day and eat what I want for dinner. My energy levels haven't been as strong and steady like this in years.
I know I'm painting broad strokes here but it's definitely what has helped me drastically. Just my .02.


Sleep is okay and getting better. I take ZMA & Z12 every night. I'm usually in bed by 10 and most days I wake around 7. I wake up 3-4 times a night though.


Maybe I'll give this a try. I never use to drink coffee, but it has become routine over the last 4 years or so.

What B vitamins are in the complex you take? I usually take a one a day with B6, B12, B1, and


yeah caffeine wont work for you in the long run, actually you will need it in order to function normally, hence it's a drug.
If you want to abuse it, you should only drink it now and then, and not regularly.


What are you eating for lunch? Carb overloads during lunch are usually what make me extremely drowsy.


I don't think it's that. I had white rice and Salmon. I did have Greek Yogurt and Granola at 10AM (I usually eat it right before work ends).


Ya maybe I'll give it up and see how it works out.


I've gone off using caffeine and soon enough you won't 'need' it, cutting sugars to low levels helped me too

Sleep is vital and some supps can help, zma helps some, but state of mind is key


Earlier in the year I was drinking a single spike shooter and I felt much better. Maybe it is the B vitamins.

I think I'll drop the coffee for a few days and see how that goes. I might order some more spike.


I've been trying to cut sugar with mixed success. Today I've had almost none, but yesturday was not so successful.


Sometimes I do fall right back to sleep, but often I have to get up and stretch or otherwise lie awake for a while.

You can find ZMA pretty cheap. I usually just go with the Biotest version though because I get the Z12 also. Plus I like to support business' I like and trust so it works out.


It's funny because, the popular advice is to get up and do something if you don't fall asleep right away but I've found that doing that makes me really groggy the next day. I've found that if I just stay in bed practicing deep breathing until I eventually fall asleep regardless of how long it takes leaves me better off the next day.


For some people (myself included) a multi makes them feel worse. Not sure why that is.
I take a B-Complex in which one capsule has the following:
thiamine: 50mg
riboflavin: 50mg
niacin: 50mg
vit B6: 50mg
folic acid: 400mcg
vit B12: 50mcg
biotin: 50mcg
pantothenic acid: 50mg

Actually, I may try a more potent one just to see if there's any difference.
But definitely ween off the coffee (some people can stop cold turkey and those people are called a-holes) and any other stimulants. Eat light (low carb) during the day and another thing I forgot that helps is I take ZMA right around dinner. Guarantees I sleep like a rock.
Give it a try.


Okay so I am going to try:

Minimum to no caffeine
ZMA/Z12 (already doing)
Trying to stay in bed and use relaxation techniques to fall back to sleep
B-vitamin complex

Thanks everyone for the responses.



Looks like a good plan. I was also wondering if you've had a day/weekend off in awhile. Not just from lifting, but a "I don't have anything to do/worry about, I can just relax for 24-48 hours" type of weekend. For me, sometimes exhaustion "builds up" (certainly stress does, and with me, stress-->exhaustion).

Good luck.


This could be a part of it. I try to take at least a single day completely off. That hasn't happened in a few weeks though.


I've always been okay so long as I eat frequently, but as someone else pointed out, it's the huge carb laden lunch that can hit people with that afternoon drowsiness. Personally, I keep most of my carb meals around my workout, so with so much P+F throughout my work day my blood sugar levels are fairly steady.

Sleep is another story though -lol. I've always been a very poor sleeper, so little things like not watching tv before bed, and some extra minerals and sometimes Z-12 can make a big difference for me.



This si more important than we give credit to.