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Maineiac's First Cut

Hello Everyone,
Usually spend most of my time perusing the PL and OLY forums. I compete in NCAA D3 as a track and field athlete. Although I’ve gotten strong and quick I’ve also gotten fat and injured quite a bit so its time to lose some weight. . Some quick stats.

5’ 11" 252lbs roughly 20%??? body fat
Bench Press 365, Squat 575, Power Clean 305, Split Jerk 345, Power Snatch 205

I would like to get down to about 7-8% body fat. I do not plan on competing this year but I would like to get lean enough to see where my weaknesses are. I would guess that I would need to get down to between 210-220 to hit this.

Since I am primarily a strength athlete I will stick with my normal training split with the exception of adding in some cardio. I will begin with 10min 3x a week @ a heart rate of 85% of max. My training consists of 4 lifts and 4-6 throwing sessions per week with a couple days of sprinting and some other GPP. Due to this volume I am going to guess that a 3500kcal a week deficit from my diet will lead to more than a pound of weightloss a week. If I start dropping more than 2 pounds per week I will add in some more calories.

Maintainence kcals= 252x15= 3780
Daily kcals = 3280
250g Protien = 1000kcals (1g/lb bw)
91g Fat = 820kcals (25% of total kcal from fat
365g Carb = 1460kcal (remainder)
This will have to be done with 2-3 shakes, some fish oil capsules, and 2 trips to the dining hall each day. I will not be able to be precise with macro breakdown or calories. Has anyone else ever dieted down while eating at a university dining hall? If so any tips?

I am completely new to this and open to any suggestions regarding diet and cardio. If anyone wants more specifics on training I will gladly provide them.


Hey, Guv’nah! Where y’at in Maine?

At school in Brunswick. Home is in Minot (next to Auburn)

I’m not too far from there.

Ever train at “The Gym” in Lewiston?

A few friends of mine do. Thats where I will be training this summer when I’m living at home.

Does the college have public admission to that new-ish center they built a couple years ago? That’s about 30 mins from me.

Unfortunately they do not. It is a thing of beauty though.