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Maine Powerlifting?


anybody know of any badass gyms in Maine? I'm going to Bowdoin College next year and I don't have any place to train this summer.


List of meet directors & gyms in Maine:


I train at Full Spectrum Fitness in Brunswick, only about a mile from Bowdoin. It's not a hard-core power gym, but there is an OK squat rack, and I can get pretty good training in. At least I can deadlift without anyone telling me not to.


I did a meet at Dyna Maxx in Westbrook, ME a few years ago. I think they would fit the bill. Probably a 30-40min drive from Bowdoin.


Yes, Dynamaxx, while small, is much more of a powerlifting gym.


DynaMaxx is your best bet. I know a guy who trains there regularly if you want a contact. PM me if you want.

Used to be Gilly's in Waterville (I used to go there) but they just closed shop and liquidated.

Littlefield's Gym in Oakland is set up for PL and MMA training.

I heard Bowdoin just put in a whole brand new gym and equipment in the past couple years.


yeah another thrower i know who is part of the womens nat team also trains there and has been since her soph year of high school. bowdoin did put in an entire new fitness center with like 4 oly platforms with full sets of bumber plates, a couple GHR machines, 3 power racks, dbs up to 200, and pretty much any cable machine you can think of...can't wait to get up there.

ive narrowed it down to either dynamxx of THE GYM in Lewiston where there is a faction of powerlifters currently training and some true body builders my buddy has lifted with tony atlas a few times


Interesting-- where in Lewiston is "The Gym"?


behind Marden's...30 bucks a month oly platforms power racks but you do get some soccer moms in there

What part of Maine do you live in SteelyD?


So happy I got out of Maine.


cool story