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Maine Camping


would have replied to my thread last year, but I guess old threads get locked.

anyways, planning our anniversary weekend (end of Sept) to go camping with our dogs.

Bar Harbor so we can go to Acadia Nat'l Park.

anyone stay at campgrounds there?

looking at Some Sounds View which looks really great, though reviews online are mixed.

There's also a KOA right in Bar Harbor, again mixed reviews with that.


Honestly, hard to go wrong up there. September is a good time to go-- just about all the tourists are gone :wink:

One note- make sure to bring some warm clothes. Already in August the evenings are dipping into the 50's, lower in the hills and coast sometimes, so by September you may get 40s even 30s in the evenings.

We were just at Popham Beach State Park today-- 80's today and already in the 50's.


Here's a shot from Acadia about 10 years ago.

Damn, I had teh skinny.

Dogs were 90# shepherd sisters.


thanks for the heads up. That's a bit nippy, will be sure to bring plenty of warm clothes/blankets. Never done much camping. That kind of weather require sleeping bags?


I would bring them if you got 'em. Seriously, you just can't account for the weather up here, and especially downeast coastal weather near Bar Harbor. You may need shorts, or you may need 3 layers at night. Just can't tell.

I would at least be prepared to sleep in 30 degree weather (nights) especially if you're tenting. Can't go wrong with sub-zero mummy bags if ya got em.

Start following the weather for wherever you're camping a couple weeks ahead of your arrival to get the pattern for that time. Don't be afraid to call the campground and ask about the weather/temp forecasts for when you're going to be there.

If all goes bad, I think there's a Hampton Inn in Ellsworth :wink:


I camped at the Bass Harbor Campgrounds last summer. The place was amazing. It's about a 5 minute walk from a Coast Guard lighthouse.


Maine is amazing. Would so move there, hiking in Acadia was awesome. Dogs loved it too.

Here's one of our danes, Gracie diagnosed with lymphoma 2 weeks prior.


You guys do this trip yet? Height of leaf color right now.

Edit- never mind, just saw your last post.

Where'd you end up going?


We stayed near Bar Harbor, in a campgroun right on Somes Sound. I can post more pics later when at home


from MD, drove almost straight through, left at 1030pm after work and loading things up, got all the way to MA I believe it was before stopping to sleep for an hour. Figured we couldnt' check in for several more hours and the rest was needed.

GPS was nice enough to take us off 95 into the Bronx for a short detour, lol.

weather was great 70* day/ 60* night, rain half of 1st day but cleared up after that.


In Maine, did you go up I-295/95 to Route 3, or did you go coastal up I-295 and US-1?


Greeny and I will be in Freeport this weekend for a wedding.


95 to 3, heard US-1 can get a lot of traffic and not that scenic


Damn, eva-body's comin' up!! I live 30 minutes from there.

Do LL Beans for sure. There's a Cabella's in Scarborough, but it's not as nice as the one down in PA.

Couple local breweries there, too.

This is a great time to come up.


When you got off 95 onto 3, you crossed a bridge. We call that "the third bridge". That's head of tide for Kennebec River. I fly fish under that bridge :wink: