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Main Lifts with Limited Weight


I am lucky enough to have a bench and a barbell right now (and bands and pull-up bar), so I am pretty good.

I only have 300lbs of plates right now. For squats, no biggie - I am just using front squats as my primary lift (my max is probably in the 335 range at best, so this is fine for now).

For deadlifts, is there anything I need to consider? I’m figuring just make RDLs my main mover, and do them slow/ paused. Alternatively I could either do power cleans (this is a different focus though) or do everything banded (this may be too taxing).

I guess my real question is: RDL as main hinge, good or missing the point?


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Dude, I recently wrote an article where I mention that with most of my clients, even high level athletes, I prefer the RDL over deadllifts. You’ll be fine.


Perfect - thank you.

Sorry I missed that one!