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Main Lifts and Assistance on Different Days?


Would it be ok to do the main and supplemental work on one day (2 days a week) and the assistance work on other days?

I lift 2 days a week.
5’s pro + FSL 5x5
Squat/bench press on onze day,
deadlift/press on another day.
After the main work I superset the FSL sets.
I superset the main sets with push ups, dips, BOR and dumbbell rows.

After this I usually do assistance in a circuit, witch I feel is a bit much for one workout.

Instead of applying a bandaid, why not build your work capacity so this doesn’t feel a bit much for one work out? Expect more from yourself and you will reap the rewards.

You could start at the lower end of the prescribed work (say 50 total reps) and less taxing assistance (eg. dips, curls, back ext & push ups, rows, GHR) keeping the reps per set manageable. Then increase the reps over time until you can power through it.

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Hi Panda,

I would say it’s fine to do, and there are even 531 templates that separate the assistance and main lifts to different days. I have run programs both ways, and like the change up. An advantage of moving the assistance is that the workouts are shorter if that’s an issue for you, and you can often do assistance with little-to-no equipment so you can get them done pretty much anywhere.

That said, it sounds like you’re really piling on the sets if you’re doing two lifts, super-setting assistance between the main lifts, and then doing a circuit. I agree that may be too much for one day. Why do you need the circuit if you got your assistance in between sets of the main lift?

You are already doing assistance work.