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Main Lift Rep Records

In your size and strength training program. On the main lift where the first few weeks are 80%. Is the goal to get more reps each week with that same 80% weight? In other words trying to be your own rep records from week to week. Thanks

Yes, the percentage is relative to the pre-program max. So if three weeks use 80% it’s the same weight.And yes, you are trying to do more reps, without sacrificing form of course

Thank you

One more question. When doing this program, if I want to add one or two short sprinting sessions in, where would you put these? On an off day? Or elsewhere? Thanks

In an ideal world they would be as an AM session on the days you train the lower body with around 6 hours (or more) between sessions… second best situation would be to put it as a PM session the day you train lower body, again with at least 6 hours in between.

Third best option would be as a second workout on the upper body days (am or pm doesn’t matter). The worst option (with this program) is to do it on an off day as it gives you more neuro demanding work during the week, so no days where you nervous system has a break to recover.

OR you could replace one of the workouts by a sprinting session.

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